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  •  I have a new line I'm using on the "I have an (5+ / 0-)

    absolutely right to my guns!" crowd.

    Okay, pal. You keep pitching that. You keep acting as though 20 kids being literally blown to death is not nearly as important as your being "free" to buy or sell any kind of gun you want, without background checks, registration, restrictions, etc.

    But here's the thing:
    The Constitution of the United States can be amended.

    Even amendments can be amended.

    Amendments--or portions of them--can also be repealed.

    You refuse sensible gun control, people keep dying, eventually the majority of voters will get really, really angry.

    Angry enough to change your beloved section of the Second. Because they value their right to life, liberty and happiness more than your right to pile up weaponry.

    How 'bout a Second Amendment that reads "the right to bear arms will not be abridged, except by duly passed legislation."

    Or maybe we'll even drop your whole beloved section.

    We can do that, you know. If we get angry enough. If we get disgusted enough. If we decide we want our kids to live, even if that means that you lose some of your "rights."

    But that will depend on you. Clean up your act, support sensible gun control and it won't happen.

    Don't....and watch how Consitutional change is done.

    Freedom has two enemies: Those who want to control everyone around them...and those who feel no need to control themselves.

    by Sirenus on Sat Jan 12, 2013 at 09:54:15 AM PST

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    •  Your comment contains... (0+ / 0-)

      A lot of wisdom that the "I have an absolute right to my guns!" crowd should pick up on...

      We have a "Gun Problem" in this country and a vast majority of us including many gun owners such as myself believe that we need to make changes in our gun laws which will make everyone safer...

      By continuing with their rhetoric, "You can have my gun when you pry my cold dead hand off of it" or, "This will cause a civil war and I'll be firing the first shot," they will exclude themselves from the dialog looking for a workable solution to our "Gun Problem."

      There is no need for polarization on this subject and I believe that the "No Guns At All!" and "I have an absolute right to my guns!" are equally out to lunch. If they stick with keeping the discussion polarized the solution will be polarized and they may not like what they get!

      There are many gun owners (myself included) that want good working gun control laws that cut back or hopefully eliminate gun violence without having to jump through a series of unnecessary crazy hoops to continue our responsible ownership and use of firearms. We pray that "Teh Crazies" will drop the rhetoric and come to the table joining us in finding a good working solution with only the right people losing their access to firearms.

      "Do you realize the responsibility I carry?
      I'm the only person standing between Richard Nixon and the White House."
      ~John F. Kennedy~


      by Oldestsonofasailor on Sat Jan 12, 2013 at 03:13:19 PM PST

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