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  •  I understand that the levels are dropping in the (3+ / 0-)
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    StrayCat, Noddy, Quicklund

    Great Lakes, so that cannot bode well for the smaller ones. Someone close to me used to go fishing on the Canadian side of the border. It sounded pretty awesome. I wonder if my kids will ever get to do that. I am afraid to let them fish around here right now, because the water is so low and that means NASTY!

    It stinks on so many levels. My kids don't get to swim in area lakes at all. They have never been at normal water levels when my kids were big enough to play in them. So this has been going on for years. And now that the drought has gone National, we can't just drive out of the state to go somewhere that isn't suffering. There is no where to go, even the Mighty Mississippi is drying up. The storm patterns are all messed up, with Tornadoes dropping on areas we normally visit to get away from such things.

    So where do we go? What do we do? That's the flip side of the drought. Not only is the water supply threatened, but it restricts recreation. I either pay to go to a pool or water park, or my kids don't go swimming, because who wants to swim in a nasty lake at half or below half capacity that smells like poo water?

    Good luck in the Great Lakes. I hope you all get some normalizing weather soon and then send it down our way when you can.

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      Noddy, GreenMother

      We've got lakes in Ohio (Grand Lake St. Mary's) that you can't swim in during the summer because of the blue algae bloom.

      That's caused by runoff from the farms -- phosphorous and manure. Some of the smaller lakes here in Central Ohio are having the same problem.

      With as dry as it was last year, I'm seriously thinking of taking water conservation measures now. We are not getting the precipitation we need, and getting into the mindset before the hot weather returns, could be a good idea.

      I'm not sure if I should even try to garden this year -- maybe I'll just plant more native and drought-tolerant plants. I will keep my watergarden going -- the local birds, toads and our resident frog will need it.

      My witchhazel and winter-blooming apricot are beginning to bloom, I have a violet blooming in the woodland garden, and snowdrops up and in bloom...just weird.

      •  If you are expecting dryer heat and higher temps (1+ / 0-)
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        consider a smaller garden under shade cloth. I am building stuff for just that, because we are expecting more of the same for a very long time.

        Crazy about the off blooms. I had several diaries last year devoted to just that. The soil is warmer than usual already, even with the cold snaps, because we haven't been receiving consistent cold weather, and no moisture. Last year some flowers bloomed as much as 2 months early.

    •  Great Lakes watershed is small (1+ / 0-)
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      Actually, the Great Lakes are disconnected from Minnesota's famous 10,000 lakes. Or at least, from most of them. The amount of land that drains into the GL is surprisingly small.

      As an aside, the line runs right through the epicenter of red GOP Wisconsin. Only a bit og the town lies in Lake Michigan's watershed, so the town must use wells for most water. Of course they want lake water instead, but the Great Lakes Something-Something prevents it. Of course, being GOP zealots, they want the water even more - for the water itself and to destroy anything ecological.

      •  Sometimes it feels that way doesn't it. (1+ / 0-)
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        Of course, being GOP zealots, they want the water even more - for the water itself and to destroy anything ecological.
        I know that isn't always true of my conservative neighbors, even half of the time, but when dealing power brokers it feels like it is always true.

        Destructive zealots being destructive, just to be shitty.

        Psychology works in mysterious ways my friend.

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