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  •  From Western Texas/New mexico line by Clovie, NM (4+ / 0-)
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    2011 was a massive disaster, no rain extreme heat. 65 years in this area and have never seen anything like it. Many of certain types of evergreen trees have died. Cemeteries have been losing lots of evergreen trees. Sand has blown in on some where they do not allow tombstones but flat plates. Having to did sand away. Soil bakes and extreme hard pan.

    I tried to grow some hay in 2012 but my water table kept dropping so I had to squeeze the pumping flow back. Spent over $10,000 on water pump repair.

    about an inch and 1/2 of rain in early September and people who had barren wind blow land planted another crop of wheat but weather was very unseasonably warm so with what might have been a decent winter crop is very barely alive. Was cold for about a month but it is going to be almost 70 here today. will dry out wheat . need moisture.

    I may just let mine burn up because I can not keep it wet but I will still have good ground cover against the erosive wind. A bad year a coming.

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