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View Diary: Top Comments: Trolls at Daily Kos? DK4's Fault Edition (192 comments)

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    koNko, Dave in Northridge, nomandates

    And saw troll diaries, ttfn, vicious pie fights way before 2011. DK4 is innocent!

    No pie fights before DK4 ? Please!

    The name "pie fight" came from vicious fights discussing an ad with scantly clad women throwing pie on each other, on Dkos frontpage around 2004-2205. ( *)

    ( *) Some  women were a bit crossed to see it on frontpage and a lot of "sexist!" "feminazi!" posts were exchanged for days.

    We are facing a "perfect storm" of stupid...

    by lawnorder on Thu Jan 17, 2013 at 12:22:46 AM PST

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