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View Diary: This is What a Police State Looks Like. (172 comments)

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  •  They paid him to find a knife in the picture. (0+ / 0-)

    Thanks for the link.  I've looked at the whole thing.  The ridiculous assertion that the knife they claim to be in his hand ended up in the flatbed of the truck because "we have no idea why other than it had to because he had a knife and it wasn't found anywhere near the body" pretty much says it all.

    The only thing that one can see as far as I can tell are some shadows that could be pretty much anything.  The fact that no knife was found anywhere plausible in relation to the body is proof beyond a reasonable doubt that he had no knife in his hand.  IMHO.

    Now that I understand how it all came down I find it even more amazing.  The officer fired 11 shots when he knew that there two innocents in the truck almost in the line of fire, either of which could easily have been hit by a ricochet or by bad aim (the first or second shot totally missed and hit the soffit of the roof of the house!)

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