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View Diary: The Electric Car, Cost-effective and Affordable: Available Now! (207 comments)

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    1.  Battery life - complicated, because it depends on how much range you need.  Mitsubishi estimates its battery pack should retain approximately 70% of its capacity after 10 years of typical use.  But who says that's the end of its useful life?  If you only need 30 miles range, the car would still be perfectly usable for several more years.

    Predicting the cost of a compatible 16kWh battery pack in 2020 is a mug's game, but it's fair to say it will be a lot less than now.  People who've really babied the car might well find the investment worthwhile, but for most the more attractive option might be to sell it on to someone as a comparatively luxurious alternative to the retirement community golf cart.

    2.  If you live in an apartment bldg with no exterior outlets, an EV is not a viable choice unless your workplace lets you plug in there - and then what if you change jobs?

    Finally Major Grey said, "I think you can see, Bill, that your desire to live without drugs is incompatible with this society." [Wyman Guin, "Beyond Bedlam"]

    by vike on Sat Jan 12, 2013 at 09:49:47 PM PST

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