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  •  110's fine, just less efficient (0+ / 0-)

    240 is NOT "quick charging" - that terms refers to the convenient but nasty high-amperage DC chargers (CHAdeMO and CCS) that jolt the battery to 80% full in 15-20 minutes.  All modern EVs are built for 240v charging, and the current is far, far below anything that would affect their longevity.  By contrast DC fast-charging is much closer to the acceptable limits, and done too frequently can shorten battery life of EVs sold in the US.  Mitsubishi offers a version of the i-MiEV in Japan that uses heavier SCiB batteries from Toshiba that can handle multiple slams per day from the fast-chargers in Japan's CHAdeMO network.  The batteries have less range than the GS Yuasa batteries used on cars sold here, but because there are so many CHAdeMO stations, the SCiBs are practical in Japan.  They aren't offered here because we have such limited charging infrastructure, so it's more important to have longer-range batteries than higher quick-charging tolerance.

    The downside to 240 is the need to install a 240v EVSE and (god forbid) upgrade electrical service if that's necessary (it's a 3kW load for the Mitsu or current LEAFs, 6kW for Focus Electric and the new upgraded LEAF).

    A 110 EVSE is supplied with the car, so there's no hardware expense associated with that option.  The problem is that you'll draw more total watt-hours for the same level of charging.  It's not a big difference, and it would take a long time for it to make up for the cost of buying the quicker 240v charging EVSE.  The main reason for going 240 is that it lets you fully recharge the vehicle overnight (less than 7 hours) instead of taking all day (up to 22 hours).  If you don't drive a lot of miles, 110 may work for you, but you'd need to keep in mind that you would not have the car's full range available for daily use.

    Finally Major Grey said, "I think you can see, Bill, that your desire to live without drugs is incompatible with this society." [Wyman Guin, "Beyond Bedlam"]

    by vike on Sun Jan 13, 2013 at 10:53:48 PM PST

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