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  •  Birds gotta fly; Neocons gotta grift (9+ / 0-)

    Latest one is from Trump who is upset that Maher has offered $5M to anyone who can prove the Donald is not the son of an orangutang.  This was in response to the Donald's offer of $5M to anyone who can prove Obama is an American citizen (spoiler warning:  Trump is an extreme birther who has already rejected all paper proof such as bc that Obama is a citizen)
    Kneeslapper on this is Trump is threatening to sue Maher for breach of contract and specific performance on this "bet".  seems Trump sent Maher a copy of his bc to prove who his father was.  However, it is a well known fact that a member of another species cannot be named as a parent on a bc for a human.
    Other comedians have latched onto this, pointing out that the Constitution would seem to require the POTUS be a human, which may disqualify Trump, due to his gross physical characteristics.  So it appears should he consider another run for POTUS, he may have to submit DNA evidence both of his parents were human.

    Giving this the sober considered thought it deserves, it seems to me that all GOP candidates should submit to such testing to ensure both of their parents were human.  For example, who really thinks both of Newt's parents were human?

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