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  •  The most important task is water (2+ / 0-)
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    Atmospheric CO2 is not coming down for a long time, decades if we start doing something now, centuries if we don't.  No matter what we try to do about carbon emissions, adaptation is a problem staring us right in the face.  Rainfall patterns are changing and we need to adapt.

    Places that never get heavy rain have gotten flooded: Pakistan, Queensland, Morocco, and remember Nebraska in 2011.  Other places are suffering under drought, most notably Nebraska and the rest of the Midwest in 2012.  We need to be building catchments to make use of these heavier, but more infrequent rains.  In a warmer world, there will be fewer glaciers and less high mountain snow to rely on for water.  If we want water, we need to catch it and keep it.

    If I were to change one thing in the subject line, it would be that challenge should be plural.  It's not enough to think about carbon emissions without also preparing for all the follow-on effects: water availability, sea level rise, etc.

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