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  •  Grilled portobello mushroom quesadillas (9+ / 0-)

    It's nice and dry in Portland today (though a bit chilly) so I'll be firing up the grill in a bit to grill some mushrooms.

    For each quesadilla:

    Brush both sides of a large portobello mushroom with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Salt and pepper to taste

    Grill directly over hot coals until cooked through, about 5 to 8 minutes depending on heat level and mushroom thickness (flip about mid-way through). The mushroom may look a bit blackened.  Don't sweat it.

    When tender, remove the mushroom(s) to a cutting board and let cool slightly on a cutting board. Slice into thin strips.

    Take a large (~10 inch) flour tortilla. Grate enough pepper jack cheese to cover half of the tortilla. Lay the strips from one mushroom down on top of the cheese and lightly sprinkle with ground cumin and freshly ground black pepper. Distribute one coarsely chopped scallion over the mushrooms.  If you like heat, add some chopped jalapeno or serrano chile to taste.

    Fold the naked half of the tortilla over the filled half and carefully transfer to the grill using a flat plate or a pizza peel. Grill a few moments until the tortilla starts to blacken in spots, then carefully flip. Once the other side is starting to get black spots (after 45 to 90 seconds), remove from grill and return to cutting board to firm up.

    After a few minutes, cut each quesadilla into 4 triangles using a large knife or a pizza cutter.  Top each triangle with a spoonful of salsa and a small dollop of sour cream.

    Serve with a small side salad or side of beans and enough chips and salsa to make you happy.

    Beer is optional, at least in some people's opinion.

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