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  •  The man is morbidly obese. He is larger than (1+ / 0-)
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    Lucy Montrose

    many of the contestants on Biggest Loser.  His weight alone impedes his ability to walk from the White House to the West Wing.  Watch him try to walk around during Hurricane Sandy.  

    Frankly, I don't know if he could fit down the halls, through the offices of the West Wing office complex, they are narrow!

    Aside: I have serious asthma btw, controlled completely with diet, exercise, got rid of 90% of allergen exposure, as result  got off all my meds: 4-6 inhalers a day, Advair, albuterol, steroids, nebulizers, etc - you can improve your health markedly.  Still have dangerous asthma, and carry an emergency inhaler, but haven't needed my regular Rx meds or been in the ER for 4 years (all with the blessing & supervision of my immunologist).

    So I know Christie could improve his physical capability if he chooses to.

    And if he has any serious intention of running for president, he should make that choice.

    Based upon what we know of the long hours and mental stress of the job, the 7-day-a-week intensive requirements, IMO Christie physically could not handle the job of being President of the United States.

     That alone is disqualifying in my voting booth.

    "Privatize to Profitize" explains every single Republican economic, social and governing philosophy. Take every taxpayer dollar from defense, education, health care, public lands, retirement - privatize it, and profit from it.

    by mumtaznepal on Sun Jan 13, 2013 at 12:04:37 PM PST

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