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View Diary: Dog Teaches Puppy How To Go Down The Stairs (91 comments)

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  •  Bitter apple helps (8+ / 0-)

    The corgi used to chew on electric lamp cords coming out of sockets.  :-(  

    Can you crate her when you are not actively on her case?  As I said it's a PITA at first.  2 weeks ought to do it.

    The corgi at about the same age took to the edge of an oriental rug.  I could never catch him at it.  He had bonded to me, so if I didn't go upstairs to bed, he would be in the same area as I was.  I pretended to go to sleep on the sofa in the room and every so often he would raise his head to see if I was awake.  This went on for 2 hours - how I ever stayed awake (I was younger - LOL!) I'll never know.

    After checking my face, he deliberately started chewing on the rug.  I had read the Monks of New Skete books but had never used some of their more dominating techniques.  That night I did.  

    I erupted from the sofa, bore down on the 25 lbs of fur, and lifted him with 2 hands on his scruff to waist height.  Saying in a loud, low stern voice - NO!, SHAME!  BAD DOG!  BAD DYLAN!  right in his face.  Never hit him.  He got the message in dog language.  

    Put him down and not saying another word marched him to his crate.  Acted my normal loving self in the AM - he went out for an AM walk, was fed, and taken out again.  He never even looked at that rug again!   Found evidence of one more cord chewing which we put BA on, and that was it.  

    At that age they are teen-agers, might be more important than the Basenji in her.  You and your daughter have to be the pack leaders.  Do you have Kongs she can chew on?  Local obedience classes?

    So glad you are trying to help an abandoned dog.
    Clem, our rescued cocker, gives you 2 paws up and lots of tail wags!   Bet she's cute!!  

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