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View Diary: If you don't have kids you have no value to society (301 comments)

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    "Today working class parents raise their children in the way the wealthy raise their children.  They expect to be waited on hand and foot until they leave the house."

    That's how we got here.  Because parents allowed it.  Because PARENTS made it that way.

    That's why I refuse to watch shows like Supernanny (gag!).  I can't understand how anyone can watch that dreck...people who absolutely have NO interest in disciplining their kids, then years later when they're rolling around the house crying all the time and don't listen or do any work, they throw up their hands and go "Oh my goodness!  WHY are my kids like this??"

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      everyone else in this country, we all know our RIGHTS but no one knows or accepts their responsibilities.  The system has helped create this situation. all the advice about how to raise a SUCCESSFUL child has been just plain WRONG, everyone WINS, never say NO, be your childs FRIEND.  The number one thing that kids need to learn is that their parents are not their friend, they are your parents, they love you but doing was they ask of you is part of the deal and not doing what they ask will be a BIG problem for you.  The schools add to this, kids can refuse to do the work until they reach a state where a MASSIVE failure is inevitable and then it it parents that have to pick up the pieces.  I think we have all been somewhat complicit and now we have young adults who by circumstance(the Great Recession) and design(the culture of YES) are stuck in time as adolescents.

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