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View Diary: Family & Friends Blame U.S. Attorney for Aaron Swartz's Death (181 comments)

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  •  A Two Tier Rule of law (1+ / 0-)
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    Take this quick quiz:

    With limited resources which body of law do you triage as more important to society to prosecute :

    1. Mortgage Fraud Laws that have been around for decades that banks deliberately broke to rob homeowners of all the monies paid in and ultimately the roof over the heads of  millions.

    2. Security fraud which investment banks , depository banks and their bank holding companies broke with impunity that emptied the retirement accounts of millions.

    3. Copyright Law of the United States of America
    and Related Laws Contained in Title 17 of the United States Code , focus on § 506 that had been around since 1998 ( as that contains the criminal offenses that were used in this travesty of justice).

    If you picked 3, and indicated it was more important than 1 or 2 merely by omitting 1 & 2  from from a bogus analysis that came from a ex-attorney ( huh, wonder why she is an ex-attorney), then you too are an apologist for a DOJ that is run by two white collar criminal defense attorneys with virtually no experience in Prosecution that have tight client relationships (held in a Blind Trust) with the very banks that broke the laws embodied in items one and two so many times,  they required what is expected to reach 23 trillion dollars in bailouts.  

    It has been, it is  and will be causing the economy to slowly and completely disintegrate as an  illegal transfer of economic wealth from the very many to the very few occurs daily.

    The prosecution she was defending from this joke of a justice department consisted of some academic documents that had been paid for three times by taxpayers and for that he was to get 30 years.  The reason she was defending this, by pointing her mouse and typing "He did it" (showing her expertise in the fundamentals of presumption of innocence was slim  to none) was for political expediency ie. defending Obama from the indefensible.

    Note: In Items One and Two evidence of guilt is being sent in via truckloads, multi-hundred page reports compiled by former prosecutors now sitting senators,  and via broadband by whistleblowers, onlookers, experts, former regulators, and by documentaries  that take "beyond reasonable doubt" to Beyond ANY doubt.

    Specific enough?

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