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    My parents were both born in 1919—my dad (now deceased) just six weeks after yours, and my mother (living with us) in August.

    Obviously, both lived through the Depression—my father as an orphan raised by his grandmother—my mother as part of a family of seven.

    Both my parents served in WWII—Dad took radio school at Scott Field and had an assignment there after he got back from his 35 missions in Europe (I wonder if their paths crossed)—Mom served as a photo lab technician and her last billet was at George Field, across the river from Vincennes and across the state from my dad his second time at BLV (Scott).

    I was born in January of '46, just before Michael.

    Both my parents went to college on the G.I. Bill after the War—both educators, my dad eventually was a school principal, my mother a librarian (coincidentally, her librarian coworker and longtime friend's father was the commanding general of Indiana's 38th Division post war).

    My father was a first rate intellect (fathered two boys who qualified for Mensa) but didn't have the kind of opportunities your father did, which is not to say your father didn't make many of them on his own, but succeeding to Major General with the kind of background your father had is nothing short of miraculous.

    Oh, and IFF (identification, friend or foe)? The modern ATCRBS (air traffic control radar beacon system) is a direct development of the IFF system. I used it every day for 30 years.

    Thanks for the story.

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