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  •  Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, fashionista! (10+ / 0-)
    The way Jan Brewer figures it, men have it easy -- at least when it comes to clothing. After all, she said, a man standing up to make a State of the State speech in essence doesn't have to worry about a lot of choices. Maybe the color of the tie. East Valley Tribune
    It may be true that, sadly, women politicians are held to another standard when it comes to apparel. But Jan, if the words coming out of your mouth made even a smidgen of sense, or if your policies made life better for Arizonans, no one would give a crap what you're wearing. I saw Elizabeth Warren tonight on TV; couldn't even begin to tell you what she had on.

    And Brewer's probably right. The wingnuts don't criticize President Obama over the color of his suit or shirt. But they sure do have a problem with the color of his skin. And far too many of them are so friggin' racist that they'd crash the economy and hurt millions of Americans in order to make him appear a failed president.

    stay together / learn the flowers / go light - Gary Snyder

    by Mother Mags on Mon Jan 14, 2013 at 09:35:36 PM PST

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