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  •  Lunz is talented, and doesn't drink the kool-aid (2+ / 0-) "doesn't drink the kool-aid", I don't at all mean that Luntz isn't a firm believer in the GOP conservative cause.  Instead, I mean that he's capable of objectively stepping outside the GOP bubble to accurately read the thinking and mood of the less ideological (and less consistently ideological) general public, and understanding what frames and words best communicate with them.  He's a true objective, curious student of human attitudes and behavior, albeit he puts those talents to service of dishonest, unsavory political ends.

    Nevertheless, whenever he's on tv with a focus group, even the times when the group has been skewed for propaganda purposes, it's worthwhile and fascinating to watch an evil genius at work.  The only people with comparable skill on the democratic side have been Obama's 2008 and 2012 campaign team, when at their best (I'm not hereby implying that Obama's campaign team is similarly ethically challenged, I'm only speaking to the level of persuasive craftsmanship and insight into movitvating voters).

    •  Luntz is a talented con man, nothing more (1+ / 0-)
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      He has sold paranoid politics to the bottom feeders (those who were politically and socially isolated and felt little connection to the power in Washington) in the past and has done quite well to a degree but now the middle class Republicans are beginning to get a bit uncomfortable with his con job. How do you explain your libertarian attitude about guns to a country that grieves over the loss of twenty school children and their teachers?

      You can hate big government until its time to collect your social security check or cash in on medicare and then its time to re-boot and talk the language of more efficient government.

      Luntz only has so much time to turn this anti-government, paranoid ship around before he looses whats left of his base. Democrats need to get on top of this right away.
      Obama is doing a pretty good job and so are his people.
      I hope he doesn't flub the New Deal appeal because it is the heart of the Democratic Party appeal.

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