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View Diary: "Riverbend" Blows The Doors Off Friedman Lies (123 comments)

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  •  I read this this morning. (4.00)
    She sure delivered the smackdown to Friedman, hunh? Glad you posted it.
    •  I think we need a link here! (4.00)
      Link to Riverbend, I mean. It's almost always better to read the original.  
    •  Ass whooping (4.00)
      I wonder when the world will finally realize Friedmann is just a big hack.
      •  Friedman is a pompous ass (none)
        His "Flat Earth" book and every column are filled with his slef-justifications for his role in Bush's evil war of aggression on the Iraqi people.  Friedman is a two-bit rich jerk who is not worthy of  the attention he has garnered by the distribution of his poisonous drivel in the RWCM.  

        Friedman jumped the shark when he tried to pretend that he was part of some half-wit peace deal between Israel and Prince Bandar Bush of Saudi Arabia.  This went to Friedman's head and he signed on to the Bush liar and enabler team.  Now he's spent the last two years whining about Bush not bombing Iraq properly, if only Friedman the faker had been in charge of the Iraqi invasion the people would be happy to bury the corpses of their mutilated families!

        The world will realize that Friedman is a a big hack when they waken from their smug slumber and smack down Bush and all his acolytes in the RWCM.

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