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View Diary: "Riverbend" Blows The Doors Off Friedman Lies (123 comments)

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  •  Glad I came back to this diary (none)
    Some very good points made, Donkeytale. I think I want to say something in reply to your first point, but I would have to read both Friedman and riverbend again.  So, maybe I won't...

    But the question I have here requires no thinking.  In "No man can rule in another man's house" you describe the third man as the one who has the moral right to lead the household (because of majority?), and say riverbend is like this third man.

    And this third man has a big bad rich uncle next door.  I assume you mean Iran.  So are you saying that riverbend is a shi'a Muslim (non-observant, like Chalabi, Alawi, etc.)?

    Interesting, and then a real reason to call into question what riverbend writes, since she presents herself (unspoken, perhaps) as a Sunni.

    •  well then Ihave the facts wrong (none)
      she belongs in the second house.
      •  I could be wrong as well (none)
        I assumed she was Sunni, though I'm not sure where that assumption came from, without going back and reading archives on her blog.

        Whichever house she's from, you were right with your "cool down" comments.

        Her blog is very good at giving me a window into a small part of one young woman's life in Baghdad.  The water and electricity constantly on and off, the ever-increasing blockades of roads, the relatives coming and going, the preparation for Eid, visiting a neighbor--she writes about it well.  And her political opinions come through pretty strongly--her family booing at some politician on television, the U.S. soldiers doing a night raid on a house nearby--pulling a mother and daughter out in the nightgowns, humiliated, stuff like that.  

        But she doesn't represent all of Iraq anymore than a NY city born, life-long resident represents all of United States.

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