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  •  Watch units as well ($/lb) for similar products (1+ / 0-)
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    Carol in San Antonio

    As an example I'll use carrots here in the Chicago area. I regularly see carrots for $0.79/lb in a bag (regular, not "baby" though the smaller ones are generally $0.99 as well). At the same stores, bulk carrots are $0.10-$0.20/lb less expensive, and I get to pick the ones I want - generally thicker ones since I cut them up for use in a slow cooker.

    I'm starting to see this semi-regularly, where smaller sizes are basically the same or lower $/oz or where the difference is so small that it's more effective to get the small one so I won't end up with anything spoiling.

    Also watch out for "bruised produce" packages for some things that you're going to cook down (one store I use does this), but verify that you're not paying about the same $/lb for those that you'd pay for picking your own items. I have seen a $0.99 package of bruised apples that was around 3 lb when those same apples were on sale for $0.39-$0.49/lb.

    On a related note, keep your eyes open for stores that you might not normally have shopped at - if all of the stores you're using are supermarkets in chains, make sure you're not missing produce stores or carnicerías in the area - you may find yourself astonished at the price differences you find.

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