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View Diary: OK, *NOW* the Platinum Coin Won't Work, Thanks to Idiots, Cowards, or Knaves (99 comments)

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    Perry v US was the main Gold Clause case, there were a few others that made it to the Supreme Court. There was a guy in NY who didn't turn in his gold. He was prosecuted, but I don't think anything much happened to him, except that he was forced to sell his gold.

    Sure, popular possession of gold is not intrinsically bad. But a good argument can be made that popular possession of plutonium is. And on planet Earth, too many people have been driven mad by the shinyness of Gold, to have utterly illogical and insane ideas about economics, causing colossal human suffering.

    Hey, we don't have a gold standard anymore in any respect. But simultaneously with Nixon's removal of the last vestige, the stupidest people on earth, the mainstream "economists" took over academia from the Keynesians, who basically had things right. And now the idiots' theories -  based on a nonexistent gold standard - wreak enormous havoc worldwide.  

    Gold induced psychosis has killed many more than plutonium has.

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