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View Diary: OK, *NOW* the Platinum Coin Won't Work, Thanks to Idiots, Cowards, or Knaves (99 comments)

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    is a part of the Administration, and regardless of internal bickering would have to do as the President said: IF HE SAID IT.  So would the Fed.  So this comes down to, Obama is too spineless to risk people saying naughty things about him (or MORE naughty things) and therefore allowed the Treasury to issue this opinion.

    I'm afraid I agree.  The fix is in.  Obama couldn't have a way to end-run around the Republicans, because he needs to be "forced" to cut Social Security/Medicare.  He probably agreed to do it long ago and is keeping his word to whichever Funding Source bought that particular promise.  After all, he's young and has two children.  He has to make a living after he retires from the most powerful administrative job in the world.  Tuition prices keep going up all the time.

    The Coin is still legal.  Another Treasury at another time can decide to mint it.  And ending this ridiculous kabuki of "borrowing" the money that the U.S. Treasury creates so that private banks can profit from a scheme that was originated to run around the shortage of GOLD has got to go sometime.

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