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  •  my thoughts (4+ / 0-)

    legitimate gun use: hunting, target and other sport shooting, plinking.
    Illegitimate gun use: shooting into the air to celebrate anything, shooting at your neighbors' pets.

    FWIW, I once lived near a gun shop with a small firing range and their storage area in their basement. One day a fire started down there; they tried to put it out before calling 911. Two people of the five inside survived (and one of them as a child who was literally tossed outside). The place was still smoking eight hours later.

    (Is it time for the pitchforks and torches yet?)

    by PJEvans on Sun Jan 13, 2013 at 03:00:36 PM PST

    •  I don't disagree. (3+ / 0-)
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      Joy of Fishes, Smoh, glorificus

      There are other uses, both legitimate and illegitimate.

      I don't blame Christians. I blame Stupid. Which sadly is a much more popular religion these days.

      by detroitmechworks on Sun Jan 13, 2013 at 03:12:35 PM PST

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      •  it was off the top (1+ / 0-)
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        of my brain. I'm sure there are others. (Air rifle for scaring crows off. Especially useful if they're actually in range. Probably won't hurt them otherwise.)

        I think the most dangerous firearm my father had was an elderly horse pistol, which he actually registered. I don't know if he ever fired it, but I think he had some shells. (BATF considers it to be a sawed-off shotgun.)

        (Is it time for the pitchforks and torches yet?)

        by PJEvans on Sun Jan 13, 2013 at 05:56:14 PM PST

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    •  "Shooting at your neighbor's pets" (0+ / 0-)

      I used to live next door to a cop, who liked to shoot at our dog, over the fence.  With a BB gun, but hey!

      He's a Supervisor on the force, a fancier truck.

      When banjos are outlawed, only outlaws will have banjos.

      by Bisbonian on Sun Jan 13, 2013 at 08:05:53 PM PST

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