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View Diary: America! Cling to your Freedoms, while the 1st Amendment strips them away! (38 comments)

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  •  No I haven't seen it (4+ / 0-)
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    twigg, VetGrl, Ojibwa, penguins4peace

    Sounds cool.

    Just thinking, I think twigg might be missing on odd feature of the post WWII phase...that is, when there was only one radio and tv in Britain, and only 3 channels in America...oddly, the news was better.

    That is, since they had no competition, conversely they didn't need to worry about ratings so much, but they did have to worry about being called out as jackasses.  So there was a surprising tendency for them to do news well.

    Once many channels arrived...that all went to shit.

    This doesn't mean that media consolidation is good...because today there are many channels, each tailored to smaller and smaller demographics.  But people don't think about the mega-corporation that owns them all, they just criticize single channels, then switch to another channel owned by the same company.  The huge number of channels makes nobody accountable.

    "Empty vessels make the loudest sound, they have the least wit and are the greatest blabbers" Plato

    by Empty Vessel on Sun Jan 13, 2013 at 07:34:54 PM PST

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    •  Twigg doesn't think we had a (2+ / 0-)
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      Empty Vessel, prettygirlxoxoxo

      glorious past, where there was equal access for all views.

      But, even with the problems, we did have a better past ... the danger is that we will not have much of a future as those industries contract further, and the money that the 1st has allowed gains an even tighter hold.

      I hope that the quality of debate will improve,
      but I fear we will remain Democrats.

      Who is twigg?

      by twigg on Sun Jan 13, 2013 at 07:41:54 PM PST

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