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  •  This is reminding me of Democrats after 2008 (2+ / 0-)
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    LordMike, MichaelNY

    They seem to be running out of targets to after, just like the DCCC was in early 2009. Not many people remember the first couple months of 2009, but Democrats were not playing defense those first couple of months.

    •  That's an interesting list (5+ / 0-)

      Don Young AK-AL – always waiting for that other ethical shoe to drop
      Dan Lungren CA-03 – LOST in 2012
      Elton Gallegy CA-24 – retired in 2012
      Ken Calvert* CA-44 – safe
      Brian Bilbray CA-50 – LOST in 2012
      Bill Young FL-10 – has to retire some day
      Tom Rooney FL-16 – fled to safer district
      Lincoln Diaz-Balart FL-21 – retired in 2010
      Mario Diaz-Balart FL-25 – fled to safer district in 2010
      Tom Latham IA-04 – sigh
      Donald Manzullo IL-16 – LOST primary in 2012
      Brett Guthrie KY-02 – okay, this one is ridiculous
      Joseph Cao LA-02 – LOST in 2010
      John Fleming LA-04 – obviously will never lose, but this was closest race in US in 2008
      Bill Cassidy LA-06 – similar, but bullshit loss in 2008 thanks to spoiler
      Roscoe Bartlett MD-06 – LOST in 2012
      Thad McCotter MI-11 – hahahahhahahahah
      Michele Bachmann* MN-06 – almost lost in 2012
      Blaine Luetkemeyer* MO-09 – safe
      Lee Terry NE-02 – almost lost in 2012
      Leonard Lance NJ-07 – probably safe barring a wave/strong challenger
      Christopher Lee NY-26 – resigned, seat picked up by Kathy Hochul
      Henry Brown SC-01 – retired in 2010 (won by only 2 in 2008)
      Pete Sessions TX-32 – was more vulnerable under old lines
      Eric Cantor VA-07 – for show only
      Dave Reichert WA-08 – was more vulnerable under old lines
      James Sensenbrenner WI-05 – head-scratcher
      Shelley Moore-Capito WV-02 – now running for Senate, "bluest" seat in WV

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      by David Nir on Thu Jan 17, 2013 at 08:42:42 AM PST

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