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  •  I think of what politicians say as Goals (9+ / 0-)

    not Promises.
    I've never understood why people say "he broke his promise" example on closing Guantanimo.
    I highly doubt he said "I promise to"
    He might of said "I will". That was his stupid mistake because he under estimated as a candidate the resistance of the Republicans in Congress to everything he wanted to do.
    Even how it's worded in the diary it sounds like a Goal to raise minimum wage not promise. I feel semantics matter because people then say when Obama didn't fullfill some of his "promises" then he's a liar. I've even heard this around Guantanimo.
    That Obama does not accomplish some of his goals does not mean he does not want them.

    That said I think in is GOOD to keep pushing and keep reminding Obama that it was something he stood for and ran on and was a goal of his. (and if he said as I doubt "I promse to.." than by all means tell him he's so far broken his promise.) Thank you for your work and for your diary.

    As a former low wage earner myself, living in a mixed income urban community, I know first hand how stupid low minimum wage is. It is irrational for the government to call a certain level of  income the "poverty line' then PLANFULLY set it up so many people live below it even if they work 40hrs a week!n(let alone the "poverty line" is jokingly low. At least in cities. My very cheap rent for the area, 1br apartment in run down area is a very large percentage of what I'd earn at the poverty line if I worked 40hrs per week).

    The minimum wage and the poverty line, as the government calls it, should be tied togeather. It needs to be tied to the cost of living as well (poverty line may be minimum wage isn't)..

    •  Actually, (5+ / 0-)

      he signed an Executive Order right after he took the Oath as President, ordering that Guantanamo be closed "as soon as practicable, and no later than 1 year from date of this order"

                Just to be clear,

      Torture is ALWAYS wrong, no matter who is inflicting it on whom.

      by Chacounne on Sun Jan 13, 2013 at 10:28:14 PM PST

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      •  Yes, but the President can only spend dollars (3+ / 0-)

        that have been appropriated by Congress and nothing gets done, anymore, without dollars needing to be spent.
        Why does the executive negotiate with the legislative branch? Because they hold the purse. That the President is in charge is a meticulously crafted lie, designed to disguise who is actually responsible for doling out natural resources to cronies and rationing the currency to undermine trade and exchange.
        Why would the Congress do that? Power. The critters we have elected don't want to be public servants; they want to be rulers and regulators, cogs in a rotating dictatorship.
        In the early days of the country, lawmakers could dispose of people directly by making it legal to kill off the disobedient directly. After all, that's what the slave-owners did.
        Nowadays, except for the remnant that is capital punishment, the disposal of recalcitrant humans has to be less direct. Getting everyone hooked on using money to acquire sustenance has proved surprisingly easy and effective. If people don't do what they are told, they don't get money and, if they don't have money, they can't buy food and if they steal food from a dumpster, they get sent to jail or prison, where they are fed, but all their other human rights are removed.
        While it is true that many of the owners of slaves were themselves practically incompetent and even the money to purchase slaves was borrowed and, regardless of competence, the north American continent could not have been "tamed" and made productive without the labor of people who actually knew how to till the earth, money makes it possible to exact hard labor for next to nothing less directly. That is, the exclusive owners of our natural resources don't have to be identified and the abuses they exact are classified. That is, the barons of industry hide in their board rooms and only emerge upon occasion to issue their demands for more of whatever they have run out of (oil, gas, coal, lumber, phosphates, water, gold, uranium, etc.)
        But, as their dollars accumulate in accounts, we can tell that something fishy is going on and even who's doing it. Because, dollars are like the letters of the alphabet, meant to be used to communicate. So, when somebody hoards them that's suspicious, or should be. A lot of effort has gone into persuading the populace that, even if greed is not good, saving/hoarding money is. But that's like the fox persuading the crow the grapes are sour so the crow won't carry them off and they'll drop to the ground where the fox can scarf them.

        If the President is to be faulted for anything, it's for not admitting that he's powerless to extract dollars from Congress, in part because of the intermediary Federal Reserve Bank that Congress set up to delegate its obligations. So what we have is the Treasury sending money to the Fed and the Fed distributing it to other banks and the banks lending it back to the Treasury to pay for the expenses of the federal government. The banks have, in effect, been delegated as pay-masters, a check on the President at the behest of a Congress that's intent on evading its obligations to the extent they don't serve to keep them in office. The President is in a box and that's a humiliating discovery to make. Admitting it would be even worse.

        We organize governments to deliver services and prevent abuse.

        by hannah on Mon Jan 14, 2013 at 02:08:05 AM PST

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      •  I don't understand (0+ / 0-)

        I know that he tried to close Guantanamo but Republicans in Congress tied his hands...regardless of his own efforts they prevented it. Therefore he did not accomplish it. Peole say he "broke that promise and I find that irritating because as I said 1)he didn't say "I promise and 2) he tried and his hands were tied by unexpected intransigence by Republicans in Congress.

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