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View Diary: "Freedom of Religion" in America: How the Argument, Not the Protection, Has a Long History (71 comments)

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  •  If one studies the history of religion in the US (6+ / 0-)

    one readily sees that the wall of separation has been so erased over time that you can run several elephants through the holes.

    We are in real danger of losing what's left of our democracy because of religion.

    The only hope I see is in the growing numbers of non-believers in America.  Once the politicians see the political power of the secularists they will hop off the God/Jesus train as fast as they can.

    •  There is also a growing number (3+ / 0-)
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      of people who understand how to be spiritual beings, to ascribe to one sort of faith or another without imposing their beliefs on others.

      Thinking of friends who are finally able to marry and have that marriage recognized legally, but want with all their hearts to marry in their church. One said, "Kept the faith, changed churches."

      Thinking of all the people who work to protect the Earth and Creation because they believe in stewardship of these gifts - faith groups that include social justice in all that they do.

      I don't share their faith/beliefs, but have great respect for them and am able find common threads in our spirituality, ways of living, politics.

      I believe that we are politically powerful working together.

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