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View Diary: Guns = A Defense Against Tyranny? (29 comments)

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  •  Rationality is in the eye of the beholder (4+ / 0-)

    The English diarist seems to have a stereotypical view of the Irish, especially how well they kept their freedom of expression with their lack of guns.

    Can you in America imagine the government officially censoring the media so that it could not broadcast the voice of a sitting US Congressman? During the Troubles in Northern Ireland, censorship was used to prevent the Sein Finn party and the IRA from having access to the media. Since Parliament had Sein Finn members, these members of Parliament were by government decree, kept off the air.

    Those interested in the history of censorship in the United Kingdom and Ireland in particular can see the Wikipedia links here and here.

    How much difference guns might make is an open question and worthy of debate, but the assumption that something like our 1st Amendment stands proud under its own power is an equally difficult premise to swallow.

    As his own nation's history is a prime example of.

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