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  •  Denialism - a quick review (0+ / 0-)

    Denialism is explained and explored here:

    Although climate change starts scientifically as planetary physics, few people want to talk about physics. Environmental consequences are interesting to most of us though.

    Denialism is largely a business practice to delay (or avoid entirely if possible) ceasing to harm the environment. (also know to kossacks as externalizing costs).

    Without going through the whole deck of cards, the three main steps (often done all at once, contradictions notwithstanding) are:

    A. It's not happening
    B. It's not our fault
    C. Changing our ways would cost us money, an outrage.

    all really aimed at the big D
    D. Delay

    If after all these years you still think "in so far as climate change is happening, it may be just natural. We don't know enough to justify changing how we get energy" then industrial strength smoke screens have gotten to you.

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