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View Diary: Postal service needs Congress to act. You know how that story goes. (10 comments)

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  •  Yeah - why aren't their billboards plastered (2+ / 0-)
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    Andrew F Cockburn, Sparhawk

    all over the White House and all over the Mall promoting various products?

    Why don't we sell ad space on voting cards?

    Why didn't they find a way to include advertising space on the Capitol Building when they restored it a few years ago?

    While the Postal Service is a private enterprise, it still is a public enterprise and thus is subject to much more stringent rules about partnerships and advertising.  At one point they did a deal to have Coke machines in Post Offices nationwide.  Pepsi got pissed off and the then PMG Marvin Runyon was investigated by Congress and a whole host of other agencies for doing the deal.  He was accused of personally profiting from the deal because he had some Coke stock in his huge portfolio of stock holdings.  Coke won the bid for the business in a competitive process per the rules, but that didn't prevent the uproar.  In any case, there are no soda machines in Post Offices now.

    The whole stamp design process is actually pretty cool which would be another reason not to sell the stamps as ad space, although I'm sure that over at the Postal Service with the challenges they have, there would be plenty of people interested in that extra revenue.

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