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View Diary: Why The Debt Limit Fight Will Be A Political Face-Off With No Gimmicks Or Constitutional Crisis (208 comments)

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  •  Democratic states could (0+ / 0-)

    raise taxes in their states and pay for stuff the federal government no longer can.

    There is also the possibility of business privilege taxation.

    If enough Democratic states are firm enough, a nationally effective taxing superstructure could be put into place.

    State Law 2013-X

    Each corporation or other entity desiring to do business in this state shall pay a federal financing surtax on income as specified in the multi-state plan printed in the Congressional Record on behalf of Harry Reid and shall impose this taxation requirement on its employees and its suppliers and their employees promptly and ASAP who shall likewise impose the taxation requirement and collect and remit the tax to the multi-state US Treasury rescue fund.

    This law shall take effect when passed by states having at least 100 million persons combined.  

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