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View Diary: 'Pro-life' terrorists super excited about this year's Fetuspalooza (143 comments)

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  •  when you don't give ONE SHIT about any aspect (8+ / 0-)

    of a woman's life except that she might want an abortion, and you don't want her to have one ? THAT, my friend, THAT is the ill treatment of human beings...human beings that are already born, already have a life, may even have other children they are responsible for.

    You know NOTHING about these women, NOTHING about their lives, NOTHING about their medical history, because YOU DON'T FUCKING CARE about any of that.  ALL you care about is forcing women who don't want to be pregnant to give birth.

    •  Now, why do you think they believe that (1+ / 0-)
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      Pandoras Box

      Pandoras Box?
      It is a cultural default that choosing abortion is killing a person and is immoral.
      Nothing can stand up to that belief.  We need to carry our arguments farther to justify the moral choice of abortion.  Prolific unwanted babies born into sub-optimal circumstances is a detriment to ALL OF US in society.  Honor the woman that chooses to wait until circumstances warrant reproduction. Be grateful for the moral choice of reproductive control by any means.

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