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View Diary: 'Pro-life' terrorists super excited about this year's Fetuspalooza (143 comments)

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  •  I escorted at a clinic (4+ / 0-)

    for 3 years.  During those three years we had protesters every Saturday, sometimes a half dozen, sometime hundreds, the door locks were filled with glue, stink bombs and stinky chemical were tossed into the clinic.  The electricity was cut several times.

    The protesters regularly broke the law, trespassed into spaces where they had been forbidden to enter (by law) physically blocked and harassed patients, and lied about what they did when the police were called.  I saw women chased onto buses by a man screaming 'Murderess, you have a murderess on this bus."  They hurled themselves to their knees and prayed for 'your lesbian souls' all they while speculating graphically on 'lesbian sins'.  They screamed at women, they screamed at men, they brought their children into a potentially dangerous situation and pointed us out to them as 'evildoers.'  I saw one woman with 4 kids under about age 7 (including an infant) who marched them in the cold for 2 hours, then piled them into a car - none of the children were belted in and she held the infant in her arms as they drove away.

    We finally stopped the harassment by putting a camera in the bar across the street and filming their illegal behavior.  Then we took them to court, showed the film and got a restraining order that kept them across the street.  After a couple years the clinic moved to a place where they couldn't get anywhere near the entrance and they gave up.  The 'pro-life' crowd in Oregon is relegated to showing up in Salem and whining a couple of times a year.

    Plus, the Supreme Court of Oregon ruled that the state constitution requires that the state pay for Medicaid abortions.  

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