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  •  American politicians have drifted right...the (3+ / 0-)
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    Jarrayy, Laconic Lib, allenjo

    voters of America have not.

      Poll after poll shows that the voters of America embrace leftist policies socially and economically.  The people are simply dismissed in this regard.

    •  Actually, the problem is that the American public (2+ / 0-)
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      jrooth, Free Jazz at High Noon

      is generally more far liberal than they know (or willing to admit) they are.  But it should be clear by now that large numbers of voters have no problem voting against their own interests.  And imho, without even realizing it.

      This came about when conservatives managed to convince Americans for decades now that being a "liberal" or being "left" was bad.  Very bad.  "Socialist/communist" bad.

      Yes, you ask the public where they stand on issues, policy by policy, and their answers skew more liberal.  But you ask them how they self-identify, and they'll mostly tell you they're center-right (to avoid the "stigna" of being a socialist/communist).

      Conservatives only have to be successful in making the liberal/left label stick, and you can write off your progressive candidate's chances, at least in the Presidential race.

      •  We need to change this and we can if we made a (0+ / 0-)

        point to do so.

         We need to change the meme on the following:

        *that raising taxes, even on those who are not rich, is always bad.

        You do get benefits that often far outweigh their price per dollar and high taxes for everyone can need a more productive and well equipped future for everyone

        * that an individualist society is always better than a collective one.

          We need to make it understood that a collective society is always better and more just and fair than an individual, mine is mine, world

        *that America has to protect capitalism at all costs

        Capitalism is evil in most is greedy, unfair, unjust and well just evil.  A level playing field with worker strong environments and policies and service to country and fellow man is much preferable and fair and just and could be paid for with a strong federal government that actually provides for citizens.

        *Wealth always belongs to the "earner".  

        Wealth is a communal effort and should be enjoyed communally.

        •  Of course we should push back on these outdated (0+ / 0-)

          right-wing memes, but the items you list are very difficult to achieve, as it requires a complete reversal in the philosophy that has been ingrained in the American psyche from the beginning of the nation.  Americans (in general) are highly resistant to let go of their fantasies that they too will someday be filthy rich.  

          The country was founded by wealthy men, our constitution and laws drafted by wealthy men, our economic system devised by wealthy men.  The appeal of this country to poorer class and immigrants desperate to escape their meager existence was that America was the (purported) place to go to make your fortune (whether that was the reality is another matter) with little governmental interference.  And if you can't make it here, well, you're just not trying hard enough.

          I study genealogy.  I've read my ancestors letters.  I know this is what they (and most Americans) believed.  And you know what?  Some of those ancestors of mine did do well (though the depression ultimately wiped out most of what they built).  At that time in that America.

          But the world has changed, society has changed, America has changed.  But Americans don't want to accept chances in their core beliefs - it's uncomfortable.  It goes against everything they've been always been taught.  Unfortunately, they cling to 19th century ideology that no longer applies in the 21st.  Just try to tell them the system is stacked against them, that we would be better off as a more collective society, and they will fight you tooth and nail, truth be damned.  Because if you try to tell them the truth, you destroy their hopes, their dreams, their fantasies that they've bought into their entire lives.

          Absolutely no headway on what you suggest has a snowball's chance in hell of being achieved without a complete change in how our citizens are indoctrinated and educated.  It has to start at home as small children and carry on through the schools.  

          I'm not saying it can't be done.  But if it were to happen at all, it would unfortunately take decades, if not generations, to achieve.  So it's going to take a whole lot of patience (and much disappointment) along the way.

          •  Spot on comment. Why, it's fair to say that (1+ / 0-)
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            many of our fellow 'Merkins are clinging to even 18th century ideology ( Articles of Confederation, etc. ) that should not have even applied in the 19th ...

            "..The political class cannot solve the problems it created. " - Jay Rosen

            by New Rule on Mon Jan 14, 2013 at 03:15:21 PM PST

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    •  I would have to argue this a bit. (0+ / 0-)

      Not that I don't agree with the polling, but the real key is who has gotten elected to POTUS.  The last 2 Democratic Presidents were both right of what I would describe as 'traditional progressive Democratic stances of the 70s and 80s.  We wouldn't have gotten the WH back otherwise.

      It's the same lesson that the GOP is about to learn.  The people are being dismissed because of the money that lobbyists pour into getting members of Congress elected who will vote the way that they want.  Not only don't we have adequate campaign finance reform, we have renegade members of the Supreme Court who has given equal weight to these bag men.

      This is what we are up against.

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