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View Diary: Campaign to Cut Congressional Salaries Now (32 comments)

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  •  not the issue - their future employment is gold (1+ / 0-)
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    you are playing into their game which is making everything money.

    work issues like money in politics

    before it is too late

    already had a coup in my mind although this author says tht shut down is a modern day coup

    and missed opportunities, or actually what Obama wants, a reflection of what Obama wants and who he is. Here is the first two paragraphs from the next diary:

    If in the face of lunacy, thuggery, unreasonableness, gross injustice, and corruption, as a president, if you fail to use the bully pulpit to simply speak the truth, then you are either complicit, weak, or fearful.  Either way, it does nothing to help end the injustice, the corruption, and thuggery.

    Why not mention how Wall Street looted the country's treasure, and that, in combination with unfunded and unjustified wars, and massive tax cuts for the rich, and the fact that major multinational corporation either don't pay taxes or are not paying a "fair share," is the cause for the current "fiscal situation?"

    Here is the link

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