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    angel d

    They play this game where they let a few Progressives vote for or against whatever the establishment has decided will be the result and we're supposed to believe this is relevant.  No, the outcome is the only thing that matters.  

    I'm supposed to go vote for Franken if he votes not to cut Social Security when Klobuchar goes along with the austerity deal?  I'm supposed to be so stupid that I don't see the game there.  He's up for reelection so he can't vote against Social Security but Amy can.  Oh, no.  If Amy wants to help Al then Amy can vote against the austerity bill too.

    If the party cuts Social Security, the party needs to share the blame up and down the ballot.  If candidates fear that then they can speak up NOW and tell the party that the voters oppose this Grand Austerity deal.  

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