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View Diary: He Doesn't Believe There's a"Rape Culture" (208 comments)

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  •  It's not so much an =, (3+ / 0-)

    not about being identical, as it is an extension -- both situations depend on the idea that women's bodies are public property.

    Certainly the experience of rape isn't identical to the experience of being refused health care, though some of the realities of that are just as violent. Rape is an immediate, violent assault, while the other situations here are more subtle, long-term violence.

    I may have to apologize for this metaphor, but I've got a cooking show on:

    When you're cooking a steak, you throw it on a hot fire (or grill) for a little while. For stew, you put the meat in at a low temp. & leave it for a much longer time. It's not as dramatic an experience, but it causes (at least) the same damage.

    •  well the type of analogy to me is second (0+ / 0-)

      to how effective it is and I certainly understand your point and in that we both agree.

      But to continue your metaphor I wouldn't call a 'stew' a 'steak' either

      As I said it's largely semantics I suppose but to me it's semi important.

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