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View Diary: GOP pretends past debt ceiling no votes equal current hostage-taking (22 comments)

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    RadGal70, Laconic Lib

    In 2006 no Democrats in the Senate voted for the debt ceiling increase. The ceiling was raised in the House by Republicans as well.

    In 2007 no Republicans voted for the increase in the House. Only one voted for it in the Senate. The bill passed the Senate 52-40. No fillibuster, no BS.

    The debt ceiling is a manufactured, political issue. It forces the majority to accept responsibility for steering the budget responsibly. What the House is threatening is unprecedented. Anyone who says differently either doesn't know the history on this issue and refuse to learn or they're "spinning".

    We just played this game around a year and a half ago and the debt increased and our credit rating suffered. The stated desire of this action by the house (debt reduction) is undermined by their actions. They need to be shamed by all responsible people with a pen and a readership.

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