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  •  I can't speak for Switzerland (1+ / 0-)
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    Stude Dude

    I can speak to the situation in Israel, though.  There, it isn't easy to obtain a handgun, however you can if you show need (jewelers, bankers, anyone who regularly transports high value commodities).  As to long guns, there is no game hunting in Israel -- the various occupiers over the centuries pretty well obliterated most game animals.  Guns in Israel are not a sporting tool.

    However, although it is a bit difficult to obtain privately owned firearms, the government distributes an awful lot of military weapons to citizens for various reasons, and it's unusual to not see at least a couple of real assault weapons (not the lookalikes at debate in the States) wherever you go in the cities.  It's not only current military members who carry weapons in public, but also settlers and others in risk zones who are given weapons by the government.  Of course, almost every person who is issued a firearm is either active duty IDF or reserve, and has been well trained.

    It's a very different scenario than in the States.  In Israel, you can't buy a rifle at Walmart, yet a relatively high percentage of the populace is armed by the government -- including many teachers, college students, retail workers, farmers, and so on.  There is no Second Amendment, yet firearms are commonplace.  It is, as I noted above, an entirely different situation than in the U.S.  Israel has been either in a state of war or at risk of war for its entire modern existence.    

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