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View Diary: Mental Health Group: Is there any Interest? (25 comments)

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    The reason I identify as a liberal is because liberals, more so than any other group on the political spectrum, are genuinely interested in helping the most vulnerable among us. I think you can make a strong argument that the mentally ill and those with significant emotional problems who are not officially diagnosed as mentally ill are THE most vulnerable among us. I am always disappointed that mental-health issues are not more of a discussion in our politics, and I become especially disappointed when even after the types of shooting tragedies we have been seeing mental-health issues barely gain more political oxygen.
    In fact, the discussion around mental-health issues is so lacking that it is hard to know exactly where liberals even stand. Liberals, of course, would be for more treatment and services provided to mentally-ill individuals, but it is difficult to know what exactly the interest in the issue is and what liberal positions are on other mental-health issues. This group would be worthwhile even if all it accomplishes is bringing clarity to the liberal position on, and commitment to, mental-health issues (although I would hope it would accomplish more than that, obviously).

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