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View Diary: Ten Things to Keep in Mind When Talking About How White Men are a "Problem" in the Age of Obama (56 comments)

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  •  I think you need to improve your reading (1+ / 0-)
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    Mark Mywurtz


    In your response to Kvetch you said "and no one, at least not here, said to not be proud of FDR, etc. but ask yourself where does "white pride" get us, and where has it led historically?"

    Where you Kvetch was specifically saying that their race was not emphasized, yet you assigned "white pride" to it anyways.

    And if you don't like dueling crime statistics, social context or no social context, then maybe you wouldn't demand to discuss "the relationship(s) between white masculinity, gun culture, and violence" when it is VERY easy to see a similar relationship between black masculinity, gun culture, and violence.

    Perhaps you think that a progressive blog is a safe place to make that selective argument, and you would be right considering the responses before mine, but it is flawed.

    •  again, we have been having a centuries-long (0+ / 0-)

      conversation about "when it is VERY easy to see a similar relationship between black masculinity, gun culture, and violence."

      much of it motivated by racial stereotypes, legitimated by pseudo-science, lacking in context for how the media reproduces racist narratives--see the great book the Black Image in the White Mind and the empirical data there--and of course not talking about the deep racism in the criminal "justice" system.

      If you want to celebrate white people for being white and successful? Have at it. Just be mindful of what it means to celebrate white success in a society steeped in white privilege and where white people have been deeply subsidized by the State.

      fun. up your game though and challenge your assumptions about my priors and the careful particulars of my claims.

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