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View Diary: Center for American Progress issues 13 recommendations for 'Preventing Gun Violence in Our Nation' (205 comments)

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    As H. L. Mencken said, "every complicated complex problem has a simple easy solution...that's wrong."

    Seems these fantasies about making guns magically go away come from folks who must live in, say, Manhattan, which has a terribly repressive [profiling-based] "stop and frisk" program to shake people down (especially young black males) for weapons. Efffectively criminalizing gun ownership there. The effects of having 10,000 police officers on those few miles of streets gets cast as some success for weapons restrictions. Maybe it's community policing equal to the probable threat--with so many people, you need a lot of police, and no need for weapons. As to these harrassed citizen's rights, is that part of the equation?

    Here in the rural south, we don't have many "police." Whether it's city cops, county sheriff's deputies, or a few state troopers or state game wardens (with equal powers to state troopers), they aren't hanging out waiting for your cell call. You protection is yours to consider--always has been, still is.

    You can call 911 all you want, if you get a cell signal, but you won't get a timely police response in much of the region. This real world fact makes reading a lot of these 'just ban all the guns' magic wishes give pause about how many folks are either living in worlds where they're never without cell coverage and some government employee to come to their rescue, or they can entirely appropriate their protection to others without concern for themselves or their family.

    If you live in a world where you have to be able to protect yourself, or your farm animals, you don't say silly things like "ban all the guns". You do support universal background checks, closing the gun show loophole, mandatory reporting of theft/loss. You don't waste time with parsing which model or caliber of magazine should/shouldn't be listed this way or that--you probably know they're all lethal.

    A speed loader with an old revolver is just a few seconds behind a 33-round stacked Glock magazine in loading/unloading a lot of rounds. Focus on getting the crazies under control, not the hardware. Guns won't be going away in our armed USA, and a new fake "assault weapons ban" won't do anything to make these crazies less dangerous if they are intent on harming the innocent.

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