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View Diary: Center for American Progress issues 13 recommendations for 'Preventing Gun Violence in Our Nation' (205 comments)

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  •  Atleast part of what your are missing (0+ / 0-)

    is the realization that there is more to this than the gun.  First, someone under 21 years old is not allowed to purchase a handgun, and under 18 is not allowed to purchase a long gun.  Since the overwhelming majority of crimes are committed with handguns, we can put the focus there.  That being the case, most of the 15-24 year olds (about 2/3 if the distribution is even) aren't allowed to go into stores and buy.  Undoubtedly they are not.  Instead they are either getting them on the street or using proxies to purchase for them.  In the case of the former, no law is going to help.  The latter is one of the areas where we could focus.  

    At Pluto, no my statement was not wrong.  Those who bother to go through the legal process to obtain and own guns properly commit far less crime than the population as a whole.   With respect to suicide, again, no law is going to do away with the thoughts or the action.  If you take away guns, something else will be used.  You will have only trampled on peoples rights for naught.  

    And yes, let's be clear, unlike  places Australia, UK, and Canada, in the USA it is a right.  If you don't think it should be, if the control control population can garner enough support then the constitution can be changed,  There is a process for it.  Until such time, talk of bans approaches the point of being unconstitutional.

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