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View Diary: Climate Change inaction the fault of enviro groups, report says (147 comments)

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  •  a variant on the "make me do it" excuse (9+ / 0-)

    that serves to blame the victim for Obama's choices. As if he didn't have free will, and were just an empty vessel waiting for someone to fill him with environmental zeal. Obama cannot fail, he can only be failed, etc.

    No question, the environmental movement has its flaws. Needs to be more effective. Perhaps they don't understand that the powerful don't concede without being forced to, and have too much faith in the reasonableness of the opposition. Perhaps there are too many boutique environmental groups that are too comfortable hobnobbing with the powerful.

    On the other hand, Obama has the power of the bully pulpit, and he can use it, without the backing of environmental groups.

    Why wasn't he in Doha for the latest COP? Why didn't he use the Deepwater Horizon disaster to call for stronger environmental measures? Why does he so rarely speak about climate change in any of his press conferences (or during the campaign) unless someone asks him? Why was he so reluctant to back cap and trade?

    No, whatever lessons the report teaches us, let's not just absolve Obama of blame. He's the president. The buck stops there.

    Let this be one of the lessons then: hold the powerful accountable. Don't take "softly, softly" for an answer. Get clear commitments from politicians, and don't confuse being rude with being assertive.

    "In America, the law is king." --Thomas Paine

    by limpidglass on Mon Jan 14, 2013 at 06:10:35 PM PST

    •  Obama has not exactly been asleep on the issue (3+ / 0-)
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      shenderson, Lawrence, JayDean

      of the environment.

      This is the President who has more than double electricity generation from wind and solar sources to taking historic steps to reduce carbon pollution.

      The President has also released new fuel efficiency standards in 2011 that will nearly double the fuel economy for cars and trucks by 2025.

      Is it the impression that the President has been lazy on this issue? I mean he only had the entire world falling apart when he took office. Let me see, he had a little matter of saving an economy from falling into a second Great Depression. Dealing with two wars, passing the Affordable Care Act, saving the automobile industry, overturning DADT, and trying to find ways to create jobs, even as the tea bagging Congress tried to block him from doing so.... And let's not forget the many instances of hostage taking by said Congress.... He also cleaned up a major oil spill that was a hellish nightmare....

      Hmm, what's that? Obama just twiddled his thumbs and, in a sense, just played his harp while the issue of the environment burned?

      In December 2009, President Obama and other world leaders came together to negotiate the Copenhagen Accord, an important milestone in which, for the first time, all major developed and developing economies agreed to implement measures to limit their greenhouse gas emissions and to do so in an internationally transparent manner.

      It should be noted that this President has made the largest clean energy investment in American history.

      He is the first to say that a lot more needs to be done, but this President has done a lot, ceratinly a lot more than any other President in this nation's history. So yes, I agree with the study cited in the diary environmental groups can most certainly do a bit more.

      This President faced more crisis in four years than a number of two termed Presidents have faced in 8 years.... Absolutely UNBELIEVABLE.... I get the feeling from many that Obama was just asleep all this time....

      •  He not only saved the auto industry, he actually (2+ / 0-)
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        JayDean, NedSparks

        managed to shatter the unholy alliance between the U.S. auto industry and Big Oil.  I still shake my head in amazement when I think about that... I've waited two decades to see that happen.

        As it stands now, the U.S. has become the world leader in vehicle electrification:

        The currently best luxury electric car, the Tesla Model S, is built in California.

        The currently best affordable 5 seat electric car, The Nissan Leaf, is built in Tennessee.

        The currently best extended range e.v., the Chevy Volt, is being built in Detroit.

        Excellent comment, btw.  As someone who has been following environmental issues very closely since teenage years and works with environmental groups and NGOs, I've started to tune out people who seem like they are on a crusade to falsely make President Obama look like he is bad on environmental issues.  They really just can't be taken all that seriously, tbh.

        "A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle" - Mohammed Nabbous, R.I.P.

        by Lawrence on Tue Jan 15, 2013 at 02:51:28 AM PST

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