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View Diary: Climate Change inaction the fault of enviro groups, report says (147 comments)

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  •  Others have said environmental movement failed (3+ / 0-)

    here is David Suzuki - an important environmentalist

    he was part of efforts in the 70's to stop dams, logging and mines in Canada and elsewhere

    he says that these incremental efforts failed

    he also says in the talk that someone predicts that the human species will be gone in 100 years

    note that that is saying more than this will be just another civilization that collapses, it is the human species will kill itself off

    start at 26 minutes to hear his talk

    he uses the metaphor that humans are in a car going 100 miles down the road but are in the trunk

    so if we trust the science, it is not that hard to predict the end of civilization as we know it and humans are too dumb to put aside their power and stuff to worship the biosphere.

    just back from Peru in the amazon and Andes. Us "moderns" are not smart enough to learn from indigenous people. They worshiped the sun, mountains, streams, etc. and we worship the economy. The man made stuff is taken to be sacrosanct  while the biosphere which we all depend on, and we don't understand, is simply taken for granted.\

    what a wonderful way to continue to have hope for a professor from Harvard to blame the environmental community that has failed to stop the most powerful corporation in history, the extraction corporations. And the corporations have taken over governments - like Canada and the US who are hell bent at extraction as quickly as possible

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