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  •  'Mitt's Isle :'The villages' at Cayman el Norte (2+ / 0-)
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    JeffW, wonderful world

    free market reigns? they'll be blacklisting each other, and killing each other and having to pay each other for protection against each other before you know it.Ever witness a bunch of rich 'make your own rules' people  get pissed at each other?
    it's u.g.l.y.   they wouldn't be able to share the same space together. The freemarketeers will need a dictator/monarch before long.

    As an artist who does commission work. I can tell you that these types have crappy taste and always try to stiff the artist . seriously. they just want a certain type of artist to make  them look good ..otherwise they treat artists like property..or pet poodles, feeling that the artist should be honored for doing work for them. for free if possible.

    there are some wonderful wealthy art patrons who hire artists and craftspeople to do real work, pay well and respect the craft..but i doubt these folks would get anywhere near glennbeckistan or 'Mitt's Caymans North

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