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View Diary: US already has high elder poverty rate, so why are Social Security cuts even on the table? (223 comments)

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  •  Representative government is not working at all. (7+ / 0-)

    By use of the Hastert rule, all of the Democrats in the House and all of the majority of Americans who voted for them are entirely disenfranchised, because no bill goes forward unless it gets a majority of the R caucus only. And McConnell wants to to keep the filibuster because it disenfranchises otherwise numerous enough Dems from doing anything. And the state governors have gerrymandered enough states so that Rs are safe forever. So it doesn't matter what the Pres does. How is this a republic or a democracy, and all of this already exists.

     Boehner even admitted in his recent acceptance speech that he does not feel that his party need consider the views of their constituents anyway, only the times.

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