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View Diary: Destroying Conservatism by the Creative Extinction of Fear (12 comments)

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  •  Fear, I would argue, is endemic to people (6+ / 0-)

    whose sensory perceptions are somehow skewed or insufficient to give them a realistic, manageable perspective on their environment. If they are at sea, so to speak, they cannot feel secure. Rather, they are likely to be easily startled and surprised and any novel event is likely to cause distress.
    Some people have specific fears, of heights, for example, and those we find easy to understand. Others develop sudden phobias for no particular reason and have panic attacks. These sudden-onset problems are no longer unusual, so we are making efforts to understand them. But people whose state of fear is endemic and likely existent from childhood, have no basis for even recognizing that their condition is peculiar. I used to think that fear was manufactured for the purpose of subjugating others, but later came to realize that in some people it is a permanent condition and there is no way to change it. Evidence to the contrary just doesn't register.
    Fear is obviously not lethal. It may just be a genetic anomaly like musical talent or a photographic memory. Random.
    Randomness is very upsetting to people because it makes their existence unpredictable and call into question the usefulness of memory. Yet, randomness is the way of the universe, isn't it? I don't think it bothers the wary. But, not all humans are aware, are they?

    We organize governments to deliver services and prevent abuse.

    by hannah on Tue Jan 15, 2013 at 03:47:32 AM PST

    •  This randomness became clear to me when my (5+ / 0-)

      adopted Korean grandson came into my life and talk of his birth mother came up. I said 'No one gets to choose their parents, family, race, country etc." He's asked me many times if I was his real mother. (Probably because we love each other so much or bonded) He calls me his twin (he's 8), but on the other side of your point about how upsetting randomness is to Lots of people, the bigots in my family cannot understand how much I am able to love this 'not-blood child'.  It blows my mind.

      Very symbolic of the fears that abound and how hurtful to self and others the Fears are..

      Fear also seems to spread like wild-fire, especially in group settings.. (The NRA, gun fight of late example comes to mind.)

      "Time is for careful people, not passionate ones."

      "Life without emotions is like an engine without fuel."

      by roseeriter on Tue Jan 15, 2013 at 03:59:45 AM PST

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