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    Someone replied to a comment I made in the diary at your first link with this:

    JUSTICE SCALIA: She was a graduate of Yale law school, wasn’t she?

    MS. SIGLER: She’s a very impressive attorney.

    JUSTICE SCALIA: And another of his counsel, Mr. Singer — of the three that he had — he was a graduate of Harvard law school, wasn’t he?

    MS. SIGLER: Yes, Your Honor.

    JUSTICE SCALIA: Son of a gun.

    JUSTICE THOMAS: Well — he did not -­ (Laughter.)

    MS. SIGLER: I would refute that, Justice Thomas.

    JUSTICE SOTOMAYOR: Counsel, do you want to define constitutionally adequate counsel? Is it anybody who’s graduated from Harvard and Yale?

    JUSTICE SOTOMAYOR: Or even just passed the Bar?

    MS. SIGLER: Or LSU law.

    So, if Goldstein is correct, Thomas must have said something like "Well - he did not have adequate counsel then."

    Although a throw away comment, I still think it's significant since it's his first spoken words in so long. I hope it eventually shows up in the transcript. Maybe it is the start of something, and Thomas will become the court jester, throwing out a joke now and then.

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