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View Diary: Texas dad freaks out and shows why it is past time we ban assault-style weapons & ammo (102 comments)

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  •  Your data is scewed (0+ / 0-)

    because the data collected by the FBI does not say whether the weapon used was an assault-style weapon nor does the data table from the FBI let the reader know how many of those murdered were murdered by high-capacity assault ammo.

    I am not your enemy either but your post implies that you think mass murders are ok, because not enough people are murdered that way, so why should we bother trying to reduce the number of deaths caused by Assault Weapons used in mass murder.

    We are not allowed to own bombs -- but because not enough civilians in America have been killed in bombings should bombs be ok to own?

    More people die from Lung cancer than from Breast cancer so should stop trying to find a cure for Breast Cancer because more people die from lung cancer  than any other type of cancer

    Should we stop trying to find cures for all other types of cancer until we cure lung cancer?

    The goal is to reduce the number of deaths by mass murder.  Your 2% number is disingenuous because the FBI does not indicate if the firearms used are Assault-Style or not.

    Also, that 2% number, while it may only be a number on a piece of paper to some, in reality, that 2% number is someone's child that they buried.

    So yeah, we disagree.

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